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Sasken Interview Questions
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what is regression testing?

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Which type of architecture 8085 has?

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What is the maximum total number of nodes in a tree that has N levels? Note that the root is level (zero)

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what exactly happens when we execute "Class.forname("Driver class name");"?Explain indetail

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how to test the MMS application?

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Have you been involved in editing the data or writing data queries?

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what is the difference between ArrayList and Vector

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wipro ask the queation from software engg,the question was water falls method?

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what is the ethernet interface?where and when we can use? how to connect hte host systems to target system

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How you will test media player ?

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I am running a windows based application.While running the script on QTP ,The Application pop-up an Error Message as "object Disabled" in two different scenarios Scenario 1-->The Application pop-up up a Message for Max Session Reached(as the application is set to hold 2 session and if if crosses the pre-defined limit then the error message pop-up) Scenario 2-->When Network connectivity is disabled the Application screen gets greyed out in colour with no operation possible. Now through Exception handling features in QTP ,we need to do the following For Scenarion 1-->Through Exception handling we need to just accept the Message pop-up in the Application and and resume with the call function as is for Scenario 2--> Through Exception Handling featutes on QTP we need to shut down the client , restart the client and resume the call functions as it is Note: The Application returns an Error Message as "object disabled" in both the cases i.e for pop-up message and when the Apllication getting greyed out due to Network failure how can we enhance the script in such a way that for the same error message retured by the application in two different and how to handle them????

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How does AT commands work?Connecting to hyperterminal with ME.

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a path 4 broadband connection from ISP to home.define it whith senioru

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why generaters need four earthings

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write a own function to compare two strings with out using stringcomparition function?

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Sasken Interview Questions
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