how to calculate the cement, sand, coarse aggregate required for one cubic meter of concrete?

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why either no or minimum shear reinforcement is provided in case of slabs?

6 Answers  

if a 1 storey building is constructed without columns&beams and having the thickness of walls 12" in which cement&sand mortar is used what is the lifespan of building

0 Answers   Ryna Facilities Services,

what is the full form of following sueface type of road - AC,CC,(PM,DM,SB),(CG,Ma,Me), G,E,O

2 Answers  

The difference between Centering & Shuttering is –––

6 Answers   UIPL,

What is all weather canal

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what are the stress act on circular slab?

1 Answers   NSL,

Why we are not provide bar in the centre of the column and bar?

5 Answers  

Can anybody help me by attaching files , formats for quality checks of common building materials like cement , concrete , bricks , sand and aggregates? Regards,

45 Answers   CDS, L&T,

what is ment by water cement ratio

2 Answers   NBCC, TCS, Madhucon, CSIR, GIPL,

pl.may i place dry mix in casting of drain bed partialy filled with water?if no pl explain.

3 Answers   KMC,

the shearing strength of cohesionless soil depends on

2 Answers   SSC,

How many 6.5 * 6.5 tiles would i need for a 36-sqaure-foot room?

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