A ha tc is actual defination of retention time?

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what is the most common FT-IR source used for the MID&Near IR regions?

1 Answers   Dr Reddys, Piramal Enterprises,

Why we use buffers Acetate for pH 4.5 & phosphate for 6.8 and not vice-versa?

1 Answers   Zydus Cadila,

How can I develope method of dissolution by HPLC OR UV

0 Answers  

we are performed SOR for a particular product the limit is -6 to -10.We face particular bathes it is not meeting the specification.we performed diffrent instrument diffrent analyst we are getting diffrent diffrent results.solvent is dimethyl sulfoxide what could be the reasion

0 Answers   Cipla,

What is the pH of water?

1 Answers   Zydus Cadila,

hii, i'm had a sample of 1L that gone through extraction & evaporation. i used 0.5ml of methanol for reconstitution before injecting the sample to HPLC. i made a calibration curve using a standard solution but now i'm confused about how to display the concentration i got from the sample. for ex. i got 0.2ug/ml how i'm gonna explane this is for the 1L ? please help .. i'll really appreciate it thanks

1 Answers  

The boiling point of 1,3 butadiene is -4.4 DC & the boiling point of Pentane is 36.1 DC. Then how come Pentane elute before 1,3 BD in GC analysis?

1 Answers  

What is control room temperature and which guide line says?

0 Answers  

what is DIPE limit in residual solvent?

0 Answers  

what is the meaning of ventillation in HPLC?

3 Answers   Amneal Pharmaceuticals,

what are the normalisation, internal standard and external standerd methods in HPLC.

2 Answers   GVK,

Why methanol & acetonitrile is mostly used for hplc analysis?

2 Answers   DRL,

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