A ha tc is actual defination of retention time?

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What is Isotope tracer technique?

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what parameters we will consider while developing a HPLC method and how we confirm our HPLC method is valid?

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When we r doing processing method for sst in Empower software by HPLC, What value has to give in void volume and as per which pharmacopia!

4 Answers   Micro Labs, Mylan,

What is linearity in hplc and how to calibration

1 Answers   Aurobindo,

Why void volume(time in seconds) 1 in hplc system suitability

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When you get Moisture content by KF higher than by LOD, what does this indicate?

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full name of OOS & OOT ? Dercribe it with details ? why this is needed in pharma industry ?

9 Answers   Orchid,

What is the difference between potentiometry assay and HPLc assay?

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What is chiral and why this performing in HPLC

4 Answers   Hetero, Macleods,

How we performed the force degradation for drug substance, is any specific guideline is available for each parameter(Acidic, basic, oxidation,heat)? what conditions you mentained for above parameters.

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how a particular wavelength can be different for a particular compund while analysing by uv and by HPLC.

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what are the basic requirement for the WHO audit?

1 Answers   BioPlus,

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