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Delhi University Interview Questions
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Who amongst the following prepares the estimates of the national income in India? 1 National Centre for policy Research 2 Reserve bank of India 3 National Sample Survey 4 Central Statistical Organisation

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What is difference between nanoemulsion and microemulsion?

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How will you separate Colorless compound Using Column Chromatography?

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When will the final result of SSC Combined graduate level main exam 2006 publish? What is the cut off mark for the General category in the Combined graduate level main exam 2005?

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where is given allocation selected tax assistant exam 2007 by cbec of india.

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hello,sir my name is Anu. i want some sample question papers of masters in social work examination (dehli university) which is held on 29 june 2009. plz send me in my id-


what is the criteria for choosing test cases for automation? Ex: if you have some 300 test cases, then how many you choose for automation. what is criteria of selecting?

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How to prepare for B.El.Ed Interview


create a class complex having real and imaginary part of a complex no. as a data member. overload the binary operators(+,- and *) to perform the operations on complex no. objects. overload binary operator using friend function.

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Who among the following is the auhor of the book 'Justice For Common Man' M.C steealvad Nani palkiwala H.C seervai D.D basu


The word 'collegium ' was first used by Justice bhagwati Justice subba rao Justice bose None of the above

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