explain which quantities change in the starting and the and the running condition in induction motor

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Ps Explain YWY,AFWY Type Cable

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what will be the effect on the voltage .if power frequency is increasing or decreasing.

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why do we measure VIBRATION in -24vdc and why we adjust gap voltage -9vdc to 10-vdc? i am trying to get this information since 5 years, yet i haven't get reliable answer, i hope i can get from you.

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types of central Air conditioner plant?

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what is a pilot wiring and whys that called a pilot wiers

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I am going to appear for the RRB Chennai Section Engineer online exam. Please send me the question papers from 2001 to date to my mail id:upendrakrishna20@gmail.com,plz send me ,or send any other rrb papers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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If one d.g. is unable to take full load of system, then second d.g. will take care of partly Load.for this condition RPM of both DG set should be equal.By using Synchronization panel RPM of dg sets are match, is it true?

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What is double throw isolator and single throw Isolator.

1 Answers   KSEB, Siemens, L&T,

advantage and disadvantage of team work?

0 Answers   Ethio Telecom,

Can we use all 3 cores of a cable to connect DC motor + ve terminal and similarly one more cable for - ve terminal.

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A 10 MVA, 66KV, 50Hz, Y-connected 3-phase alternator has synchronous reactance of 0.635 Ù. It is working at full load at 0.8 lagging p.f. condition. Find torque angle, neglect armature resistance.

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what is the meaning of stub protection?

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