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QUANTUM BIOLOGY - EXAMPLE 33.7 : (a) In a DNA of a living cell, the quantum information available in the bases guanine (G) and thymine (T) are | G > = | 110 > and | T > = | 010 > respectively. Calculate | G > - | T >. (b) In a living biological cell, the step time for random walk of an electron is t. The localization time of an electron is T. If i is the geometric average of T and t, find log T as a function of t and i.

QUANTUM BIOLOGY - EXAMPLE 33.7 : (a) In a DNA of a living cell, the quantum information available in..

Answer / kangchuentat

QUANTUM BIOLOGY - ANSWER 33.7 : (a) | G > - | T > = | 110 > - | 010 > = | 100 >. (b) Geometric average of T and t is the square root of (T x t) = i. Then log i = 0.5 log (Tt), log (Tt) = log T + log t = 2 log i, log T = 2 log i - log t. The answer is given by Kang Chuen Tat; PO Box 6263, Dandenong, Victoria VIC 3175, Australia; SMS +61405421706;;

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