Safety of dry type transformer

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what is LDR used in street light

2 Answers   Wipro, Cipla, Ram Infotech,

what is the difference between dropout fuse and horn gap fuse. how to choose between them

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Rotor is taken away from three phase induction motor and three phase supply is given to the stator.What will happen?

9 Answers  

why we use 50 hz frequency in india .. why not 60 hz 

3 Answers  

What are the different types of testing in ht cables?

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how freewheeling diode improves the powerfactor

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what is differance between dirty earthing and clean earthing and their applications

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How the size of electic machine vary with the sped? Between slow and fast running machines of equal ratings, which one is more economical to design?

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In the ACB breaker capacity is 2000Amp but this each phase taken 1250 But total beldibg load is 600amp or 700amp watt is the problem

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what happens if generator is running leading power facotor?

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what's burden resistor, why it's used?

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Why DC current is not used in transformer?

20 Answers   JK Paper, TCS,

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