Safety of dry type transformer

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More Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

If you don’t have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.?

2 Answers   Focus,

What is the size of a 60 watt and 80 watt tubelight?

0 Answers  

what is the std. earthing resistance for 440V system or m/c, 33000/440 Volt substation? What is the std.?

1 Answers  

Why we cant store an ac power. If we coo store in which device we can?

0 Answers   Jindal,

If ac voltage applied to the field of dc generrator the output of dc generator ?

1 Answers   SSC,

What is the speed of electrical supply?

3 Answers  

Is it required to lay GI wires along with GI/MS conduits from one point to another point though separate earthing cable is conncted from DB to Socket?

0 Answers  

How many no of flip-flops are required to get 16 bit counter

10 Answers   HAL,

What is the Diference between DYN 11 and DYN 5 .How to change the Vector group from DYN 11 to DYN 5.

3 Answers  

how can decide the current rating of oltc

0 Answers  

how can you calculate fault level ?

0 Answers  

please explain power factor in simple words.....

3 Answers  

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