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differences between the sorted ,standard, hashed tables.

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I am working in Oracle Clinical 4.5.1 Please explain a bit.How to create Views in OC

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what is system testing ? explain with example ?

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can anybody tell me during interview which type of question raised in project round

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what is difference between BVA and Equivalence Partitioning ? can u explain BVA for three digits?

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what is prime numbers? how we can get plc write sas code?

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what type of graphs we will create(for 2+years candidates)?


can you let me know how to use rosemount hart communicator 375 to communicate foundatiob fieldbus, can we upgrade the software if so where we get free of cost


How to rename A1-A30 datasets into B1-B30 using macros?

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Are the preferred term counts are always equal to Body system counts? If so, Why are they equal if not why they are not equal?

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Safety of dry type transformer


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what are the advantages disadvantages of connecting high voltage block( 1:1 transformers) transformers between the turbo generators and busbars.


what is pmrep command?


code for arranging given number in possible permutation ways ex:123,321,312,132,231,213.


What is the protocol ?


star delta starter contorl circuit... drawing..


Give an account of Isolation of outer membrane of protein?


Difference between rating factor of cable and derating factor of cable?


What is Computer Administrator ?


What happens if the negative to earth voltage is greater than positive to earth voltage in the battery of substation?


What types of questions are asked in NIC(Natinal Informatics Centre)'s interview?If any one has any information about this,I would be very thankful to him/her.....


What is Summarising


How to extract HBV cccDNA from heptoma cell lines?


I am a post dip. in machine maintenance , 2004 passed out and i am persuing my graduateship in industrial engg. and i would like to know, whether i am applicable to do any certification cource . And i would like to know, whether i am eligiable to do ann master degree since i have working experience of more than 8 Years in Larsen & Toubro,


list some common errors faced with jspm while updating java stcks.and solutions.


what is session partitioning?


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