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How to determine the short circuit current for breakers and

How to determine the short circuit current for breakers and VCB...

Answer / wareagle

By performing the proper calculations

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How do we calculate the resistance per metre of single core aluminium stranded cable 19*3.25mm sheathed in pvc,at 15 deg C temperature?

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why there using acb enclosure in big buildings

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is there any role of power factor with frequency variation? and how we can manage the frequency variation?

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What is basic fundamental for choosing NGR or NGT for any generator neutral grounding

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What is C.T, why it is used and what care should be taken for that while connecting?

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I have seen 1 video in which a person getting shock while standing at top of a train,i have 1 question? why the people sitting in the train doesn't get shock while that man getting shock from top of the train? How the earthing of train works?

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why electron produce magnetic field when it is in motion?

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How to check the specific gravity of the two 12 V batteries connected in series to a 24 V UPS and inverter ? will we have to disconnect all the connections and turn off the UPS and inverter or not ? will we have to check specific gravities in each cell of the two batteries ? what is the name of the instrument that is used to check the specific gravity and whats the procedure to check the specific gravity with it ? thanks

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stand by earth fault protection (51G) for transformer rating 2000 kVA,Dyn11,33/0.400 V. LV NCT ratio and necessary resistor and metrosil values how to calculate

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Give me check-list for electrical preventive maintenance of machine tool.

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