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void main()
int x,y,z;
printf("%d%d%d",x, y ,z);

#include<stdio.h> void main() { int x,y,z; x=1; y=1; z=1; z=++x||++..

Answer / john

why is the answer 2 1 1

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can you please tell me your understanding in database,what is it

0 Answers   Eskom,

I attended an interview with CGI last week for network engineer and here are the questions that might help you guys who are going to attend interviews.

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What is the meaning of "co relation" and what is the value of "co relation" in the performance testing environment.

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please provide me the type of questions or question pattern of bally.

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How To Create RAID & Troubleshoot RAID related issue.

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What questions and tests would i be given to becme a service enginner 2 for a train company repairing trains

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the ability for the processor to delegate its use by application is called

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why we select you?

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hi i am kavita banjare iam 2007 passout studentin informaion technology. please give me technical paper.thanks sir............

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what is the difference between error,exception,bug,defect,fault..?

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Sorting is not possible by using which of the following methods? (Insertion, Selection, Exchange, Deletion)

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How I can write a java program output the following 1+2+4+7+......N

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