Calculate the interstage pressure ratio per stage for a two stage compressor if the overall pressure ratio is 10.

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hi this is padhu i just want to know about remote sensing scientist in ISRO, will there a written test or not if there are any model test papers plz post it.

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What does balanced amplifier consist of?

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Hi all, Pls find the bellow mentioned interview questions related to hp-unix. 1. Job Scheduling; mainly crontab, at, batch command 2. Backup stetegy; incremental, full system back up; diff between tar & ufsdump 3. diff between hard link & softlink 4. How to list only the directories inside a directory (Ans. ls -l|grep "^d") 5. RAID levels; pros & cons of diffrent levels; what is RAID 1+0 6. How to recover a system whose root password has lost? 7. What is a daemon? 8. How to put a job in background & bring it to foreground? 9. What is default permissions for others in a file? 10. Questions on shell initialization scripts? 11. Questions on restricted shell 12. What is diff betwn grep & find? 13. What is egrep? 14. Questions on shell programming 15. What is a pipe? 16. Questions on Solaris patch management like pkgadd etc Thnaks & Regards Biswanath Das Email

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wat is the process of civil services examination...I want to become DSP....Is civil services and APPSC are sam???first of all for wat we have to prepare...for prelimnary or for mains or for nterview...i dont know any thing...please help

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how to convert postfix notation into prefix in data structures. please send me algo of taha

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Why Ammeter is always connected in series in the circuit and Voltmeter in parallel?

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how can i implement a program of polynomial adding,multiplication,through c language???

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why not overloading -,=,_,\ operator

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What is meant by STL?

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a particle moving in a straight line with constant acceleration has a velocity of 8m/s at one instant and 3 seconds later it has a velocity of 2m/s.find its acceleration.

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which is having more efficiency smaller power plant or bigger power plant? why?

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When to use Stub and Not So Stubby Area? 10. How to get the external routes without making area Not So Stubby?

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