how many clusters are generated by k-means algorithm?

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please tell me difference between router and cisco router

0 Answers   NSN,


0 Answers   NIC,

how many address lines are necessary to address two megabytes(2048k) of memory

1 Answers  

any one can help me to know the top mnc companies and their working platforms?i mean java,php...

0 Answers  

A binary tree with 20 nodes has_________null branches?

2 Answers  

what is meant by safety in construction?

3 Answers   CAE,

sample sbi questions paper

0 Answers  

true and false 1. The jawa source code can be created in a notepad editor. 2. The value of 111% 13 is 3.

2 Answers  

any one help me how the following program execute main() { int x=5; printf("%d %d %d",x,x<<3,x>>2); } //output : 5 40 1

1 Answers  

How can I get know that my pc contains dram or sram..?

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what are the various height of GSM mount and its base width

0 Answers   Quippo,

When a new build comes what is the first step taken by a tester in testing

1 Answers   Sonata,

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