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COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS - EXAMPLE 17.1 : By using Excel or other easiest programming package, explain how I, the integral of sin x dx from 0 to 3.142 could be approximated using random number. Find the exact value of I.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS - EXAMPLE 17.1 : By using Excel or other easiest programming pack..

Answer / kangchuentat

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS - ANSWER 17.1 : When Excel is used, let column A=RAND() and column B=ASIN(A1). Stretch the columns A and B vertically. The data is transferred to Word, then reinserted into column C and D in order to prevent changes in column A. By using the sort function from the lowest to highest, arrange the data in column C and D, followed by trapezoidal rule performance in column E=0.5*(C1+C2)*(D2-D1). The 2 times summation of values in column E will approximate I gradually as the random numbers used increase. Exact value of I = -2(-1) = 2 units. The answer is given by Kang Chuen Tat; PO Box 6263, Dandenong, Victoria VIC 3175, Australia; SMS +61405421706;;

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Thyristor related applications

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Why in a continuous plant for a Hot standby screw pump system the interlock for auto starting of the other pump ( when the running pump stopped suddenly) is given with header pressure only? why not with flow rate or current of the pump?

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What is the working of vaccum distilation coloumn in a petroleum refinary?

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Define a barometric condenser?

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QUANTUM COMPUTING - EXAMPLE 32.2 : (a) If | 001 > = | 1 >, | 111 > = | 7 >, find the 2 possible values of ( | 001 > + | 1 > + | 7 > ) ( | 111 > ). (b) In quantum money, a duplicate will have probability P of passing the verification test of a bank, if the total number of photons on the bank note is N. The would be counterfeiter has a probability p of success in duplicating the quantum money correctly for each photon. Guess the relationship of P, p and N as a mathematical formula involving natural logarithm ln.

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How i can calculate heat transfer in reactor at unsteady state and what data should i have? I want equation and process to calculate it? As there is steam or brine in jacket

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pleas tell me about chemical engineering apptitude test..

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ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.27 : A biochemical engineering consultancy applies construction accounting in its finance. Its project began on 1 January 2010. Total revenue generated from the project was $9000. On 1 January 2011 as the budget, $2000 had been spent, with $6000 expected. However, the project cost increased latter, causing deviation from its initial budget on 1 January 2012, where $7000 had been spent, with $1400 expected. Let (estimated total cost) = (spent cost) + (expected cost to be spent), (percentage completion) = 100 (spent cost) / (estimated total costs), (total expected profits) = (total revenue) - (estimated total costs). Calculate : (a) total expected profits on 1 January 2011 and 1 January 2012; (b) estimated total cost as and not as the budget; (c) percentage completion of the project since the project began, in the first and second years.

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