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COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS - EXAMPLE 17.1 : By using Excel or other easiest programming package, explain how I, the integral of sin x dx from 0 to 3.142 could be approximated using random number. Find the exact value of I.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS - EXAMPLE 17.1 : By using Excel or other easiest programming pack..

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COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS - ANSWER 17.1 : When Excel is used, let column A=RAND() and column B=ASIN(A1). Stretch the columns A and B vertically. The data is transferred to Word, then reinserted into column C and D in order to prevent changes in column A. By using the sort function from the lowest to highest, arrange the data in column C and D, followed by trapezoidal rule performance in column E=0.5*(C1+C2)*(D2-D1). The 2 times summation of values in column E will approximate I gradually as the random numbers used increase. Exact value of I = -2(-1) = 2 units. The answer is given by Kang Chuen Tat; PO Box 6263, Dandenong, Victoria VIC 3175, Australia; SMS +61405421706;;

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We are having proplem with the persperation smell in ETT/ECHO room in our cardiac hospital.The 2 Ton of AC is not conditioning the environment. We have to use exhaust fan to through out of the room bad air. Could anyone suggest how to coup with this effectively using chemical engineering. Any permanent solution to neutralise the bad smell.The Air freshners are not doing enough instead making a bad odour.

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What are some characteristics of bulk solids that can affect their ability to flow properly?

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A 1.5 weight % aqueous salt solution is concentrated to 4 weight % in a single-effect evaporator. The feed rate to the evaporator is F = 7500 kg / h and the feed is at 85 degree Celsius. The evaporator operates at 1 bar. By assuming that only pure solvent of water exists in the form of vapor from the feed, calculate the flow rate of such vapor V.

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The job profile as a Service Engineer?

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is extractive distillation&#1246;H

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What does Dew point -40C mean in an air drying unit.

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what is flooding in a column.How do you know flooding has occured?

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What is vapour flooding and liquid floodin in distillation?

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PROCESS DESIGN - EXAMPLE 21.1 : According to rules of thumb in chemical process design, consider the use of an expander for reducing the pressure of a gas when more than 20 horsepowers can be recovered. The theoretical adiabatic horsepower (THp) for expanding a gas could be estimated from the equation : THp = Q [ Ti / (8130a) ] [ 1 - (Po / Pi) ^ a ] where 3 ^ 3 is 3 power 3 or 27, Q is volumetric flowrate in standard cubic feet per minute, Ti is inlet temperature in degree Rankine, a = (k - 1) / k where k = Cp / Cv, Po and Pi are reference and systemic pressures respectively. (a) Assume Cp / Cv = 1.4, Po = 14.7 psia, (temperature in degree Rankine) = [ (temperature in degree Celsius) + 273.15 ] (9 / 5), nitrogen gas at Pi = 90 psia and 25 degree Celsius flowing at Q = 230 standard cubic feet per minute is to be vented to the atmosphere. According to rules of thumb, should an expander or a valve be used? (b) Find the outlet temperature To by using the equation To = Ti (Po / Pi) ^ a.

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GENETIC ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 27.3 : (a) Male with genotype GGmm and phenotype gray wingless mates with female with genotype ggMM and phenotype black winged in fruit flies. G is dominant to g in color. M is dominant to m in wing shape. If the actual distribution of the second generation of the fruit flies was as follow : 890 gray wingless, 900 black winged, 115 gray winged, 95 black wingless, calculate the recombination frequency between the two genes and distance in recombination units. Let 1 map unit = 1 % recombination. (b) A DNA molecule has 180 base pairs and 20 % adenine. How many cytosine nucleotides are present in this molecule of DNA?

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UNIT OPERATION - EXAMPLE 9.1 : Which of the sequence below represent a feasible flows of ethanol processing plants using cellulose as starting material? A. raw material -> heat exchanger -> distillation column -> reactor. B. reactor -> distillation column -> raw material -> heat exchanger. C. heat exchanger -> raw material -> distillation column -> reactor. D. raw material -> heat exchanger -> reactor -> distillation column. E. distillation column -> raw material -> reactor -> heat exchanger.

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What are the frequently asked technical questions in chemical engineering during PI?

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