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Which environmental variables impact a marketing plan?

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Does an economic slowdown change consumer spending? If so how?

2 Answers  


2 Answers  

How do you manage your territory and your distributor?

0 Answers   Transcom Beverages Limited, Vodafone,

whether there is only one c&f agent in one state orelse many?

0 Answers  

I m Anil Kumar Pradhan, I have completed P.G in Mathematics, PGDCA and PGDM and also I have 1year and 6month of experience in sales. If the interviewer will ask me tell something about your self what should be my answer?

6 Answers  

What is the meaning of Merchandising,reach & Coverage in FMCG ?

1 Answers   GSK, GSK GlaxoSmithKline, Insurance,

what is your strength and weakness?

0 Answers   Cipla, Country Club, SuvarnaBhoomi,

Which environmental variables shows effect on marketing plan?

0 Answers   Baidu, Verizon,

What role are you ready to take in a group?

0 Answers   Quest,

what exatly leadership means?what r the qualities required for it?

4 Answers   FMCG, HCCBPL Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited,

What is outside sales? How is it different from indoor sales?

0 Answers  

What is the definition of sale?

0 Answers  

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