How we connect a instrument with ground, Give brief explanation with help of diagram?

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I have a problem with a valve (air to close). When it is fully closed and try to open 1% it doesn't responce till 3% open suddenly more than 3% then back to 3%. I tried to tune positioner then removed it, the problem still exist. Any idea

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what is the usage of QDV & VOLUME BOOSTER.

2 Answers   ADMA OPCO,

What is BMS (Building Managment System)& is AHU / HVAC are in BMS.

12 Answers   Alghanim,

What is cavitation. what is the effect of it on control valve and how is it prevented.

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Why humidity limit is 30 to 55 % for raw material storage?

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what is meant by orderm of a system. will the stability of a system increases by incresing order of a system

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Actual using of tube bender to bend 2 opposite 90 deg at correct measurement center to center of tubing.

0 Answers   CCIE,

What you mean by multi stage control vavles?

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how u calibate pr tx without master tx?

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As you are fresher in Instrumentation & control engineer.Then why should I select you?

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what is the safety integrity levels (SIL)

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