why we use condesiate parts before tranmitters?

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why we use condesiate parts before tranmitters?..

Answer / madhan

Condensate ports use only if the line is steam not in water
and it is used for safety of the transmitter.
if the temp is high port condenses the steam

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why we use condesiate parts before tranmitters?..

Answer / mithilesh kumar

1)condensate pots used 1st for the safety point view of
transmitter bcoz maxm range of temp transsmitter is 70degc.
ie. safety point of view...
2)if second pot is in the line then value
(readicator/indication) of TX fluctuating due to variation
in steam density/pressure...ie for accurate reading of

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why we use condesiate parts before tranmitters?..

Answer / bhavik .j.sudra

tranmitters or transmitter.....????????????
transmitter means non -electricalsignal is converted into
equvalent electrical signal.
ans :because it is determind my output devive are which
type we measured air .pressure,flow,level,temp,etc......

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