How much cement
& coarse sand is used in 1 Sqm plaster for ratio 1:4 of  thickness 20 mm ? 

How much cement & coarse sand is used in 1 Sqm plaster for ratio 1:4 of  thickness 20 mm ..

Answer / piyush singh

Find the volume of the mortar by multiplying the area with the thickness in CUM unit

Volume = Area * Thickness
       = 1 sqm * (20/1000) m
       = 0.02 cum

Now increase the volume by 20% for filling of the joints

New Volume = 1.2*0.02 = 0.024 cum

Again increase the volume by 33 % for dry volume as given volume is wet volume

Dry volume = 1.33 * wet volume
           = 0.03192 cum

Now Mix proportion is 1:4 so in every 5 part of the volume 1 part is of cement and 4 part is of aggregate so 

Volume of cement = 0.03192 / 5 
                 = 0.006384

Bags of cement   = 0.006384 / 0.035
                 = 0.1824 bags
                 = 9.12 Kg

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