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what is zero slump concrete

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what is zero slump concrete..

Answer / bashir ahmad

the concrete which shows no measurable slump after removal of the slump cone is called zero slump concrete

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what is zero slump concrete..

Answer / piyush singh

Zero Slump concrete id concrete with slump value as 0 , 

It is also known as Dry Lean concrete, It is mostly used in Road construction and Dam construction and is compacted by Rollers

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what is zero slump concrete..

Answer / m.asif doulatshahi

we can not use the zero slump concrete because zero slump concrete is to match hard so it is not useballe concrete.

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what is zero slump concrete..

Answer / rdshah

There is no workability in the concrete. Generally it is used in precast work and road work.

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what is zero slump concrete..

Answer / shanmukh

simple its dry concrete

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