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What are the safety equipments you should use while you are in a hvac switch yard

What are the safety equipments you should use while you are in a hvac switch yard..

Answer / abhishek

safety kit,torch,gloves,shoes 

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What is the criteria for deciding whther fire wall is required between two power transformers

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What is meant by reset level of the relay?

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For my plant the electricity department charging some amount for t/f losses. May i know what are transformer losses

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what are check points to be checked while charging switchyard?(CT,PT,BREAKER,POWER TRANSFORMER)

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why are transformer rating in MVA

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In a Circuit how the MCB and Fuse ratings are calculated. And shall the fuse follws the MCB or it is otherwise?

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If a 3 phase induction motor is in off condition in the conveyor and rotor of the motor keeps moving with the conveyor than the resistance of windings of motor varies. why is it so ??

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At site, we have 30Kw motor (3 phase, 400V,50Hz) and FLC 54A as per the nameplate. At the time of starting it draws 840A instead of 390A (7.2%). As per the data sheet also its 390A starting current. it thru a dol starter from the MCC. can anyone tell what is the problem in the motor

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what is boucholz relay and the significance of it in to the transformer?

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I have 4 busbar of 1000 ampere. we use 4 busbar to make 4000 ampere in one problem is that when we applied 60% load on that then busbar produced high noise.what is the reason of that and how can i minimize that noise.

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sir, Is their any measuring unit of knoking? please explian?

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in dc machines in the armature nature of power is ac but why we take rasistance instead of impedance?

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