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what causes contact chatter when there is no demand on the
air conditioning unit?

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what is dc system? how getting pulse from rectifier?

1 Answers   ETA,

what is the difference between unarmoured & Flexible cable? How to identified?

0 Answers   Priyanka Electricals,

i am working in a grid substation,TNEB having 13 yrs experience. Am I eligble to get apply for c licence now?

3 Answers  

What meant by lagging and leading? When if they are occurred what preventive methods should be taken?

14 Answers   ABB, L&T,

When we use a multimeter, while checking continuity of a closed circuit , what is happening inside multimeter, how it is working to produce a beep wheather it is closed or open.. is there any internaly voltage/current source inside multimeter?

3 Answers   TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

What are the disadvantages of LT AVR over HT AVR?

1 Answers   APTransco, Jindal, TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

write circuit diagram for a motor rotate in forward direction once it started and when pressed the same button it should rotate in anticlockwise.

0 Answers  

can we check the resistance of earthing electrode while it is connected with the neutral of UPS system

3 Answers  

When alarm is activated in buccholz relay in transformer

1 Answers  

how does high earth to neutral voltage affects electronic circuit?

0 Answers  

Why heat produce in AC machine higher than DC machine?

2 Answers  

How can I calculate the fault level of a transformer. 1. If fault is 3phase fault 2. If fault is 1phase fault 3. If fault is 2phase fault Dear all geniouses, can you help me by giving answer. If anybody want to send something then mail me at ""

0 Answers  

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