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Differences between functions and Procedures in VHDL?

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Differences between functions and Procedures in VHDL?..

Answer / manav rathi

1:executes in zero stimulation time.
2:usually return a single value.
3:parameters of mode IN.
4:do not have wait statement.
5:function call state always concurrent.
1:may or may not execute in zero stimulation time depending
upon whether it has wait statement or not.
2:may or may not retun a single value.
3:parameters of in,out or inout.
4:has wait statement.
5:procedure call statement may be cocurrent or sequential.

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Differences between functions and Procedures in VHDL?..

Answer / vlsiengr

rocedures return many values while function can return only one.

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Differences between functions and Procedures in VHDL?..

Answer / amar

functions are the one which conatiin some algorithm and
execute in zero simulation time where as procedures may
consume some simulation time when its getting executed

you can compare with verilog task and functions as well

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Differences between functions and Procedures in VHDL?..

Answer / vicky

Function return only one vale but procedure return many value...

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Differences between functions and Procedures in VHDL?..

Answer / princehari

VHDL procedures and functions greatly increase the power and
utility of the language for specifying designs. While these
constructs are being used extensively for modeling, most
VHDL synthesis tools limit their synthesis to a single
implementation style such as treating them as a component.
The authors evaluate four techniques for the synthesis of
procedures/functions and discuss their relative merits and
demerits. They examine these implementation styles in the
light of VHDL signals and wait statement semantics. The
results of the various implementation styles are shown on
several examples

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