DSP Interview Questions
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How is the non-periodic nature of the input signal handled?


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Is the Gibbs phenomenon ever a factor?


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What is the difference between ProtoPlus and ProtoPlus Lite ?

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can we create a table with out primary key?

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what is dirac delta function and its fourier transform and its importance?


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Write a code in C / Verilog to implement a basic FIR filter. Need an answer.

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im using I2C communication, in that first im sending address of thesalve and then data then after i want to read the data which i was sent recently, in that case before im reading is there any need to send a stop bit before read.

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How do you implement a fourth order Butterworth LP filter at 1kHz if sampling frequency is 8 kHz?


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What is an anti aliasing filter? Why is it required?


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