In HPLC (Waters) software Empower1,2 &3 what is the
updation for each version

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injection volume accruacy test i calibration of hplc

3 Answers   HLL,

what are the standard methods for HPLC?

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When performing Moisture content how to you say only Methanol react with water not product Explain?

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what is different between volumetric solution and general solution

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why we measure PH of a solution in PH only why not POH ?

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What is difference between silica used in TLC and HPLC column

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What is difference b/t uv detector and rid

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what is diffrence between Specific optical rotation, optical rotation?

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what is the importance of peak purity in HPLC and how we can calculate through manul(not software)?

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What should be the level/ Percentage of Arsenic in Arsenic free zinc.

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what king of work is done in Regulatory Affairs in Pharma industry ?

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in dissolution in one tablets two molecule one is losartan & second is HCTZ losartam is complies in s1 stage & hctz is complies in s2 stage then how to report result losartan s1 stage result or losartan s2 stage result

0 Answers   Dishman,

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