In HPLC (Waters) software Empower1,2 &3 what is the
updation for each version

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Which water can use Hplc analysis

9 Answers   Dr Reddys, BioGenomics, Reddy Labs,

why we calibrate ph meter and balance daily.....but hplc and uv requires quaterly?

5 Answers   Apotex, UPL,

How we fix the validity period of a Normal solution and re-standardization due date

3 Answers  

for which type of applications gas chromatography is used?

2 Answers  

what is difference between assayand potency

4 Answers   Hetero,

why PH range 0-14 explain

5 Answers   Saint Gobain, DRL, Reddy Labs, Viva,

why hexadecane is used in calibration of FID IN GC THERE IS NO REMAINING SOLVENTS

1 Answers   DRL, Hetero, MSN,

what is dissolution What is unit of KF? what is the significant of pH in HPlc? WHY POTASSIUM HYDROGEN PTHALATE IS USED FOR PERCHLORIC ACID? What is difference btw UV detector & RID detector?

1 Answers  

Why sulpuric acid only used to ROI but not used nitric acid and some other acids?

6 Answers   Cadila, Ranbaxy, Laurus,

How do u differentiate primary

1 Answers  

How to select Sample concentration in RS analysis?example.

1 Answers  

what is the difference between gc& hplc. why we r not calculating purity by gc for final products

5 Answers   Biocon, Cipla,

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