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In the isomers,enantiomers give the only physical properties
present such that no chemical properties present.

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How to prepare ppm solution of Nacl form its salt?

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For LOD and LOQ determination which method is accurate? (slopemethod or s/n ratio method)

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As per USP what is RSD limit of volumteric solution of three replicate analysis

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what is the difference between mcg and ppm?

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class of solvent regarding Residual solvent e.g. Acetone his class

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what is mean by assay?

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What is the solvent/material used to balance spirit level in analytical balance?

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column washing procedure for normal phase and reverse phase?

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Why potassium dichromate is used in calibration of uv?

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if identification threshold crosses the limits then what next step?

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how the compound separate in coulunm,explain

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