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Generally we denote power in 'p',voltage in 'v'but why
can't we denote current in 'c' instead of I.

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Generally we denote power in 'p',voltage in 'v'but why can't we denote cu..

Answer / madhav kattungal

The symbol I was chosen for current because early scientists
were used to refer electric current as the intensity of the
electricity in a wire.

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Generally we denote power in 'p',voltage in 'v'but why can't we denote cu..

Answer / srikanth

current means flow of insensitive electrons so current called as i  

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Generally we denote power in 'p',voltage in 'v'but why can't we denote cu..

Answer / koti

Since C is already used for basic element Capacitor

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Generally we denote power in 'p',voltage in 'v'but why can't we denote cu..

Answer / karthick

Measurement of current is ampere so, short name of ampere is 'a'

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