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What is actuator what is motorized control valve?

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What is actuator what is motorized control valve?..

Answer / sanket

Control valve contains two parts.
1. Valve Body
2. Valve Actuator

Actuator is device which moves the stem through electrical
or pneumatic signal.

Motorized control valve is control valve which is actuates
with electrical supply.

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What is actuator what is motorized control valve?..

Answer / arun

Acuator is a part of valve, which is used for opening of
control valve which is required electrical voltage for

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What is actuator what is motorized control valve?..

Answer / bhogendra kumar

Actuator is a electronic device controlled via Analog output signal.
and Motorized valve are operate the maniacal equipment its just like a motor need to connect any valve just like oil,water,gas and extra.

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What is actuator what is motorized control valve?..

Answer / sahoo

The other name of actuator is motorized control valve.(inching type)

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What is actuator what is motorized control valve?..

Answer / chandru

Actuator is a final control element in general in process loop.
Some of the type of actuators are
1. SOV Solenoid Operating Valve
2. MOV Moterised Operating Valve

MOV works with a limit switch mechanism , Helps the valve to OPEN/CLOSE via Gear box in front & Reverse rotation of motor.

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