difference between minor and major bridge.

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difference between minor and major bridge...

Answer / sagar maharana

A Bridge Having Length more then 60 Meters is called a Major Bridge.
A bridge having length less then or equal to 60 Meters is known as Minor bridge.
& A Bridge of Length Less then or equal to 6 Meters is called Culvert.

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difference between minor and major bridge...

Answer / bijay kumar

Structure total work's ditales

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difference between minor and major bridge...

Answer / sireesha chowdary

Minor bridge have width up to 12.00 mtr and a major bridge have width above up 12.00 mtr.

A bridge which nos of span are more than two called major bridge and a bridge which nos of span is one or two called minor bridge.

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difference between minor and major bridge...

Answer / saima

minor bridge are constructed at nallah /nadi and major bridges at rivers, roads. minor bridges are near to big box culverts structure.

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