what is difference between pipe and tube.

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what is difference between pipe and tube...

Answer / k.rukmangathan

Generally pipe is measured by the ID and tube is measured by
the OD. Pipe is made by a draw process and tube is
mechanically formed.

People choose pipe when they want a specific ID but increase
the OD for strength or to hold pressure. Pipe is chosen for
pressure situations not structural situations.

People choose tube in structural situations. They generally
want the OD to remain consistant but let the ID get smaller
with a thicker wall. Tube is made by taking flat stock and
rolling it to shape. You can select a controlled ID in tube
if you buy DOM (Drawn over a mandrel). Generally tube has a
weld seam inside because that is where the weld flash goes
in the process. The outside weld seam is scarfed off to
provide a smooth finish. Tube will have a flat spot where
the weld seam is located.

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what is difference between pipe and tube...

Answer / vinayagam.s

pipe line useing hardness material so pipe line useing
heat&cooling area but pipe line handling for perment action

Tube line using for flixble material so tube line useing
for narmal heat&cooling area tube line handling easy

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what is difference between pipe and tube...

Answer / ranjan dey

In heating zone pipe transfer heat from inside to outside
but Tube transfer heat from outside to inside.

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what is difference between pipe and tube...

Answer / tanweer

Generally pipe
refered to largein
dia while in tube
is small dia..

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