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how will do square root transmitter calibration

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how will do square root transmitter calibration..

Answer / sarfaraz akhtar

Sq. root of ma-4/16*max. flow,

0% = 0 mmh2o
25% = 12.5 mmh2o
50% = 35.25 mmh2o
75% = 37.5 mmh2o
100% = 50 mmh2o mmh2o

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how will do square root transmitter calibration..

Answer / che-daniel cabardo

the formula is Q=k(square root percent of 0%,25% and so on.)
therfore k=10,constant..
for example range is 0 to 50 mmh2o
the span is 50 mmh2o.
Q=10 multiply sq. root of 25%= 50%
from the formula: %(span) + LRV
0% = 0 mmh2o
25%= 25 mmh2o
50%= 35.3 mmh2o
75%= 43.30 mmh2o
100%= 50 mmh2o

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