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  • Petrofac interview questions (12)

Petrofac Interview Questions
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basic mechanical oriented questions

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What is pressure,What is temperature,What is flow,What is level

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What is loop checking ?

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what is the procedure to isolate flow a transmitter and flushing it?

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Why Ma signal is using for control system?

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what is the difference between single and double compression cable gland

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what is Dry Leg calibration and where is it used

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How can I make calculation for Install level transmitter (DP) for open tank and cloes tank?

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what is rtd

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what is the daily job of an instrument commissioning supervisor

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what is the responsibility of an instrument commissioning supervisor


how to commission furnace ( water heater)


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Petrofac Interview Questions
  • Mechanical Engineering (1)
  • Instrumentation (11)