material cost to cast m20 grade rcc

Answer / victorbabu

2000 to 3000 rs

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What is the difference between Wraft and file foundation and where these are used ?

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1)define the critical items in rcc framed G+18 bldg. as Cr Activity 1,Cr Activity 2,Cr Activity 3...etc. 2)on what logic is MSP and Primavera planning based.FS SF FF...

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what happened if the diameter of capillary tube is double then the capillary rise will be

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what is the formula for calculating volume of isolated footing? i am not asking for the sloped footing, i am asking for normal rectangle isolated footing, pls add diagram or linkof diagram with answere

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material used for mendrel use to bend epoxy coated rebar

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which software is better for design and analysis of buildings (stadd pro ) or (Etabs)

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What is the difference between pvc,cpvc and upvc and where it is used as per their properties?????

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what is permissible IRC limits of silt content in river sand in India

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Engineering method, why need is column kiker??? what is necessity??

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during earth quake base shear force=a/w*g Comment?

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what is the cover used for footings, columns, beams ??? why they differ & how they arrive??

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1. What type of job are you holding at the moment? Name of present / last employer?

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