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What will be happend if we not ground CT secondary?

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What will be happend if we not ground CT secondary?..

Answer /

If the secondary of the CT is not grounded or short circuited
then the secondary current will become zero hence the ampere
turns produced by secondary will oppose the ampere turns of
primary(i.e brings to zero). So, there is no counter m.m.f so
high flux is produced in the core thus overheating of core is
produced. Similarly high e.m.f will be produced both in
primary and secondary this will damage the insulation of
winding. Thus for safe operation for the operator the
secondary must be grounded properly

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What will be happend if we not ground CT secondary?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

One terminal of secondary of CT is earthed to remove the
influence of high voltage of primary on secondary due to
inherent capacitance between them .

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What will be happend if we not ground CT secondary?..

Answer / gurjant singh

high current flow in secondary

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