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tell how current tranfomer works

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tell how current tranfomer works..

Answer / manesh.k

We know it as a measuring device.But it can act as
protecting device also.

It is basically a step-up transformer.It raises the
voltage thereby reducing the current(as high as 100A or
more) in a circuit so that it can be measured using a std 5A
or 1A ammeter.Primary is the conductor containing the
circuit in which the current is to be measured.

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tell how current tranfomer works..

Answer / subash nayak

Current transformer is a device which helps to measure the
circuit current in which high current flows.Generally we
cannot measure kiloamps by using simple low cost ammeter, so
CTS helps to measure by connecting its primary in series
with the circuit and the low scale ammeter with its secondary.

example : 4000/5 Cts , here easily we can measure the
quantity of current flows in high current circuit by
measuring at its secondary and by multiplying the ratio
factors. Note : secondary of the secondary should not be
kept open while using in live circuit.

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