why drum level is increased when one of the running coal
elevations are suddenly tripped?

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Answer / g.l.nepalia

The evaporation rate of water in drum reduces whereas feed rate of water in drum remain unchanged

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Answer / randhir singh yadav

In boiler drum level depends on steam pressure, when one of the running coal elevation suddenly tripped, steam pressure decreases, so drum level increases.

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Answer / vinoth.s

This is know swelling effect of the boiler drum.
Due to sudden decrease in steam pressure due to tripping of
coal elevation.

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Answer / dileep

Due to coal mill tripped Drum pressure gets reduced and saturation temperature of water will be low corresponding at that drum pressure .due to this water gets flash over.due to this drum level increasing.

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Answer / ns satyaraj

when any coal elevation trips ,heat input to boiler reduces, so evaporation rate reduces and steam pressure reduces and water feed remains same ,so drum level increases

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Answer / ril

feed water remain unchanged incase of cascade system if it is in single element drum level will be unchanged

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