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lenovo Interview Questions
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Why do you use ?Bank Type? in customer/vendor master records?

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Which of the following crops help in nitrogen fixation? (1) Maize (2) Beans (3) Wheat (4) Rice

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three phase 180kva diesel generator can take how much load in amp and what is formula to get this?

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What are the basics to be tested in mobile testing?

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What is the use of arc chute in ACB?

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There are 80 coins, among them one coin weighs less compared to other. You are given a physical balance to weigh. In how many wieghings the odd coin can be found.

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Hello sap tech gurus, please answer these questions with a real life expreience as i was asked this for my interview. 1. Whats your experience, about reporting tools Quickviewer and SAP Query? 2. Explain your role during Blueprint phase? 3. If you worked on Availability check and Transfer of rquirement, mention a critical error you faced during your expreience? 4. If you did end to end project, how long have you worked on each phase of implementation? Please help with any answers you can provide. Thank you very much in advance!!

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Write a program to check whether the number is prime and also check if it there i n fibonacci series, then return true otherwise return false

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What is the target set plan for distibutor...?


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Company XYZ split 5:1 on June 30, 2008. Date Close Price # of Shares Revised Closed Price Revised # of Shares June 15, 2009 $75.00 5,000 $75.00 5000 April 23, 2009 $72.00 7,500 $72.00 7500 March 31, 2009 $67.00 135 $67.00 135 March 31, 2008 $275.00 531 $55 2755 November 30, 2007 $233.00 266 $46.6 1330 October 6, 2006 $1,333.00 10 $266 50


accounting document is not getting generated for sto process. where is the control for this ? Thanks in advance


what is tie mechanism in CORBA/Visibroker?


what is the method for seperartion of spheroplasts?


what are the errors faced while bursting the reports and how to solve those errors?


First round was HR round. The questions asked were: Tell me about yourself? Where were u born and brought up? I'l give u a sentence like a "walk in the park" or "walk in the vegetable market". Now frame a short story around it. Next was aptitude round, where 1 logical question such as "A works not in mangalore, not in mysore. B works in Mysore and not in mangalore, not in bangalore. C works in Mangalore. Then where does A work?" The rest were simple english questions and a passage was given and some questions asked from it. Next was technical round. The questions asked were: What is an IP address? What are the different types of networks(A,B,C,D,E) Can u tell me the address range of A,B,C,D,E networks? Why do we use these different networks? What is static Ip address? What is Dynamic IP address? How do we find out the IP address from your computer? What is the use of DNS? Next was OPS round. The questions asked were: Tell me more about yourself. What are ur expectations from the job? Describe success in terms of job? What is ur ideal job? Are u comfortable to work in night shifts? Sometimes a person younger to u might be in a better position. Are u comfortable taking directions from him? What is ur expected salary? If the software sector booms, Would u change ur job?


hi sridhar.can u pls send me thae all faq of sap-crm on my e-mail id


What is the limbic system?


i want know how to calculate it in payroll please mail me the percentages using there ?


why asa method ZPF method is more accurate than ASA method?




Transformer how to maintaince a check b check c check d check


lenovo Interview Questions
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