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how we select the mva rating of the circuit breakers?

how we select the mva rating of the circuit breakers?..

Answer / akhilesh negi

accordig to the voltage of the system & peak value of fault
current to be interrupted by the breaker

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y we use neutral,all r told its used to for closed path..k its a just used to closed path,in a transmission line y we put same conductor used n both phase and neutral..if we use less than phase conductor in neutral mean we ll reduce cost its right r wrong..if we use mean any problem occur in transmission line..

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how to setting voltage RTCC panel

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induction motor. we have a three phase supply from diffrent source like R= transformer. Y = DG sets. B = ups. if motor is runing.

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What is mean by sink and source in term of PLC and drives,where and how they used in logic

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my company total load is 1000kw, 415volt, all load are inductive load. incoming powerfactor is .8. we want to have0.95 pf connecting capacitors. so now how much rating of capacitors we have to connect? show how?

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in transfomer which type of oil is use!

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Why we use a H.T. Fuse from a thick wire, on other side we use high rating of cables? & Why we use less Sq. mm Cable on H.T. side , on other side we use Large Sq. mm cable?

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why we use ac?why we use dc? why we we cannot use only ac/dc for all the applications?what happen if we use?

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For 160kw motor what size of cable and material is needed.?

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ii) A shunt motor supplied at 230V, runs at 900 rpm when the current is 30A. The resistance of the armature is 0.4 ohms. Calculate the resistance required in series with the armature to reduce the speed to 600 rpm, assuming that the armature current is then 20A. [12]

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In Megger which types of test we can do ? and How it works? How to use?

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I want to design a heating coil of 80/20 nicrome for 3.5KW please give me the calculations choosing for physical dimensions assume coil voltage will be 110V AC assume necessary conditions

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