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century Interview Questions
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if voltage is not builed up in small generator what will be the reason?

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how we calculate size of exciter(excit. volt and current) for generator?

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what happens if generator is running leading power facotor?

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in dc shunt generator field is open in running condition what will happen?

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in 50 mw generator if field is open in full load running condition what happen and for protection which relay used?

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if generator is running in iso mode parrallel with grid and suddenly grid breaker off what will happen?

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boiler is running in rankine cycle and deisel generator is....?


if 50hz transformer is required to be run on 50% frequency what needs to be done???????????

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what is the current rating of both primary and secondary of 500KVA,33KV./4ooV.distribution transformer.

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can i use 2000/5A Clamp meter to measure HT cable


a induction motar has 30-35% exciting current at no load but in transformer it is only 2-3% ofbrated current why any reason?

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there are many test cases in our test case repository like function,integration,system,acceptance test case so which test case should test engineer test first.? please answer me . thanks

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