What safety precautions you will adopt to work on Steam service control valve?

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What are the different modes of a contollogix family processor? How they work?

3 Answers   Siemens, Honeywell,

To become an Instrument DESIGN engineer, is there any softwares or training to become Instrument Design engineer, plz suggest me, Iam very much interested in designing.

0 Answers  

defination of plc? why we use plc? application of plc? advantage of plc?

4 Answers  

what is flow and flowrate? definate and diffrentiate it? pls post a valid ans thanks in advance

2 Answers   Qatar Gas,

how can you change unit of totalizer in siemens mag 5000 flow meter?

2 Answers   PowerTech,

what is the function of boiler in plant?

2 Answers   Maden,

Why 4mA-20mA current loop selected as standard ???

1 Answers   Reliance, IMCO,

draw shematic diagram of c/v positioner(smart type)?

0 Answers   Coromandel,

how the actually positioner of control valve working? where we gave 3-15psi pressure to I/P converter where it is firstly applied ?- on I/P to positioner then what happen? is control valve operate on 3-15 psi or its bench pressure?

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What is Droop? What is Step/Gradient Limiter in Turbine Governor control?

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Can I put my meter across an RTD to check it safely witout tripping the equipment when it is connected to an monitoring device eg.RTD module or IQ 1000

1 Answers  

What is loop checking ?

10 Answers   Samsung, Kharafi National, Petrofac,

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