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TCS_Interview_ Experience

TCS_Interview_ Experience..

Answer / guest

hello friends,
I am sharing my interview experience with all of
u..if it is useful for u..that would be my pleasure.

Company- TCS (tata consultancy services)

My name - *HIMANSHU PANCHAL *( IT 4 yr) (Jaipur Engg College
and research centre,Jaipur)

Status- Selected in TCS

Drive- campus recruitment.

procedure- 1) Aptitude test- 35 que. in 80 min. online xam.. Repeated
question from
previous years paper. then

2) Technical round- i faced around 25 min. actually it
wasn't purely tech round..they even asked me HR round question.

first i entered in interviewer's room..i could
not take permission cause he was dangled in papers..writing smthing..he
didn't watch me while entering.

Me- Gud morning sir.
he- gud morning, be seated.

me - thank u sir.
(after 1 minute)

he- himanshu panchal ? Me- Yes sir
he- what is ur objective ? Me- i told correctly.

he- Mr. himanshu what do u mean by education ?
thanks god..i remembered lines written in back cover of
'classmate' records..smday i read them so it hit in my mind.
Me- sir, education is transformation of civilization..why v r
human being cause of education..nd 2-3 more lines

he- in what subjects u r sound ?
Me- DBMS and OS

it was my bad luck that he didn't asked even a single question from these

he- what is difference between private IP and public IP ?
Me- i told correctly..

he- explain OSI model ? Me- i told in brief.
he- which protocol is used in transport layer and application
layer ?
Me- sir, in transport layer TCP, UDP..
he stopped me and told to differentiate b\w UDP nd TCP
Me- TCP is connection oriented nd UDP is connection

Now he moved again to HR question it didn't down
me..cause i was well prepared.

he- what r challenges in ur life ? what do u think ?
Me- i told 3 ..i want great comm skill..synchronise with corporate
world...learn about market..
he- what was last one challenge..
me- sir, i am to improve techno- marketing skill.
he- good himanshu..u understand company needs..

interviewer was impressed with me..i think
he- what is ur project?
me- i explained took 10 min..
bt i forgot to tell about SWDLC used in project..

he- which model did u choose ?
Me- sir prototype model..i elaborate it..nd also told why i used..

he- how many tables are in ur project ?
me- sir 9 tables..i replied fast
he- which data type u used for name column ?
me- varchar..

he- himanshu what u think..what is d important thing thing for
any software company ?
Me- i think Customer Satisfication.

then he said 2 word that i cannot forget in my life

he- u r absolutly rit 'Congrats himanshu'
Me- i was happy..thaxed
me- it was great experience to meet u sir..nd handshaked

Stress points- A) dont segregate rounds..thr may be Hr question in tech

B) sound 'organisation' rather then 'company.'

C) do tight handshake..never forget to say thanx.

i will also write write HR round experience.. till gud day.

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