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hi my name is rakesh patel i just complited my be in
instrumentation & control now i am going to working as a
validation engineer in a poject department so what is a
scope in a future as a validation engginer ? what line is
good for me can any bady give me complete solution please?
your regard
rakesh patel

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which is type of thermocouple is used to measure 1000deg?

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Instrument QA/Qc what is the project quality plan?conduit inspection RFI. which documents attache with package?

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what the differant between Wet Leg /Dry Leg

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as an instrumentation engineer which are the things we have to know / or we must have idea about that....

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without a positionar can a control valve operate? give the difference of operating with positionar and without positionar?

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Draw a simple circuit for a well head control panel used to protect the well against fire, leak, blockage, ESD, & controls the operation of one downhole & one surface safety valve. Explain the operation and controls

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units of pressure,flow, level,temperature? principle of pressure gauge? calibration of pressure tx., level tx., temperature tx.flow tx.? description of two wire ,three wire and four wire R.T.D.? WHAT IS INPUT AND OUTPUT OF TX.? WHAT IS INPUT AND OUTPUT OF R.T.D. AND THERMOCOUPLE? WHAT IS HOT LOOP AND COLD LOOP? WHAT IS INPUT AND OUT PUT AND OUTPUT OF D.C.S. AND P.L.C.? PRINCIPLE AND WORKING OF HART? WHAT IS PNP AND NPN PROXY? CALIBRATION OF PRESSURE ,LEVEL ,FLOW SWITCH? DESCRIPTION OF FIELDBUS FOUNDATION? WORKING OF SOV.?

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if we have 450 mm heigth boiler drum level ,so what is span & zero value for a dpt tranmitter

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Pressure tx shows 1 mbar but we need 1000 mbar at this process condition .. how can we sort it out .

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why use on -off control valve in glove valve

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