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How toconnect one to one report?

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How toconnect one to one report?..

Answer / sankarnarayanan05

You can link thru Hyperlink option

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How toconnect one to one report?..

Answer / venkatk

You link reports in the repository at the universe level by
using a function called the OpenDocument function in the
definition of an object
The OpenDocument function can also be inserted into a
WebIntelligence report at the report level
OpenDocument is a function that enables you to open a
WebIntelligence or BusinessObjects document using a URL. You
can use it to create a hyperlink to a document from a report
or an HTML page.

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How toconnect one to one report?..

Answer / narsi

By using drill down functionality additional components
will be added in HTML Tag.

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How toconnect one to one report?..

Answer / sridhar

by bo report to bo report

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