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Why KBr is used in FTIR ?

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Why KBr is used in FTIR ?..

Answer / dharmendra

KBr does not absorb the ir radiation.It is chemically stable
compound for the longer period. While applying pressure to
make the pellet for analysis, it melts and helps to form the pellet.

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Why KBr is used in FTIR ?..

Answer / harini

KBR is inactive in IR region and transparent to IR radiations

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Why KBr is used in FTIR ?..

Answer / srinivasarao

kBr is transferent to ir regeion and it does not have
anyabsortin in ir region.

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Why KBr is used in FTIR ?..

Answer / harish bakare

KBr is alkyl halide..Alkyl halide does not shows absorption spectra in IR region...AND KBr easy to melt to form pellet

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Why KBr is used in FTIR ?..

Answer / sukhraj kaur

KBR is transparent to IR rays

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Why KBr is used in FTIR ?..

Answer / dhaval shah

KBr doesn't respond to any IR region and it also direct th IR wave into two wave form like a deflector.

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