In our homes we place the 5Amps in our house only
takes 5Amps for all normal conditions ha???

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In our homes we place the 5Amps in our house only takes 5Amps for all normal conditions ..

Answer / nil

Not necessary, because the fuse will work on inverse time
characteristic with current. Upto 5 A it allow without
heating the fuse link but if the current increase beyond
its rating(including overloading condition) the temperature
also increase and melt the fuse link.

hence, this fuse allow upto its overload withstand limit.

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In our homes we place the 5Amps in our house only takes 5Amps for all normal conditions ..

Answer / c.s.dubey

no house takes
the 5Amps
current so fuse
rating is 10Amps
to 12Amps
because the fuse
using to short
circute and over
current, some
current highe so
fuse is burned.

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