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Why do we use only Sinusoidal Wave in AC supply why not the
Square,Triangle or Sawtooth etc?

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Why do we use only Sinusoidal Wave in AC supply why not the Square,Triangle or Sawtooth etc?..

Answer / r k sinha

there r mainly two reason for using sine wave in ac supply:
(i)it is easy to produce by rotating coil under magnetic feild..and
(ii)all the function exist in world can be break down under the summation of many sine function by a method called fourier it is easy for us to derive all result for sine wave...

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Why do we use only Sinusoidal Wave in AC supply why not the Square,Triangle or Sawtooth etc?..

Answer / a.n.v.kartik

In Maths differentiation of sin is cos and for cos in minus
sin.double differentiative of sin is minus from this
we can infer that the same function is repeating after two when one asks about AC supply v ll draw
sinusoidal waveform...if v use sin function the calculations
will be easy...this is the reason....

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