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Why The Rating Of Transformer Is In KVA While Of Motor Is
In KW????

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Why The Rating Of Transformer Is In KVA While Of Motor Is In KW????..

Answer / suribabu

while dealing with transformer as inductors are short
circuit for dc so the ip of transformer should ac for
we are having 3 types of powers
active :vicos@

as inductors are storage elemets no power dissipates so
apparent power is 0 so tfr readings r in var

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Why The Rating Of Transformer Is In KVA While Of Motor Is In KW????..

Answer / g.l.a ites

the heat generated in a winding as well as the eddy current
losses generated in a transformer core depend on the current
only, regardless of whether it aligns with the voltage or
not. Therefore the heat is always proportional to the square
of the current amplitude, irrespective of the phase angle
(the shift between voltage and current). So a transformer
has to be rated (and selected) by apparent power

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