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Can anybody tell me application of PLC,DCS,SCADA.

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Can anybody tell me application of PLC,DCS,SCADA...

Answer / abhishek

PLC is programmable logic controller. It has got wide
application like controlling a drive, motor or any other
batch process. PLC's have got capacity to handle less
number of input.
DCS is distributed control system. It has got application
where there are large number of inputs/outputs. Used for
large process handling.
SCADAA is supervisory control and data acqusition. SCADA
System usually consists of the following subsystems:

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Can anybody tell me application of PLC,DCS,SCADA...

Answer / anisha

PLC and DCS are used based on the application such as where
programmable controlling is required. It has a controller in
it with inbuilt communication protocols. PLC is used in
small scale controlling application inorder to automate it
whereas DCS is used for controlling a large scale automated
industries. whereas SCADA i.e Supervisiory Control And Data
Acquisition. It is used for interfacing Purpose and

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Can anybody tell me application of PLC,DCS,SCADA...

Answer / apoorva landge

And also DCS has a great storage capacity( memory) as compare to PLC and PLC has the best programming system.Therefore in most of the industries DCS and PLC is interfaced to get better results.. SCADA on the other hand is used when the control room is far away from the field. it is used to communicate at a long distance and on big scales

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