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How does PLC work for sychronising of Two or more DG sets?

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how synchronous generator can be used as synchronous condenser?

3 Answers   Monnet, Wipro,

what questions will be asked for 11/33KV licence interview APSEB hyderabad. Can any one share question and answers.

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air condition capacity for masjad having 50feet in circal and 35 feet high

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why 3 phase motors are preferable over single phase motors ?

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how can we chack a capacitor in acircuit

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Explain different types of d.c motors? Give their applications

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40 HP motor how many square mm size wire use for stator to motor & aluminium wire use ?

1 Answers   SSPL,

What is the difference between sensitive earth fault and restricted earth fault in power transformers?

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Hi everyone, I'm Lachuu, recently joined automation company as PLC Engineer. I have certain basic question, I request all big gurus and seniors to answer these question. Because this will be very helpful to me as well starters like me. How to design a control circuit (ex: pick & place - my current project) Yamaha robot PxYx series controller RCX222, using 6 cylinder double acting, plc keyence kv p16r 2 expansion unit for input and output each. How to select panel terminal mcb elcb powersupply. My main concern in some projects how to select dc power supply, mcb rcb(I came across dif bt b c d curves, but stil confusing, pls help me :-(. I would really appreciate all who are going respond to this question.

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When Alarm report at LED,Alarm volatge is 11-13 Volt But LED is of 3 volt.then why not it burn?

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The power dissipated by a resistor of 10ohm when a current of 2A passes through it is:(a) 0.4W(b) 20W(c) 40W(d) 200W

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sir i am pradeep singh from electrical branch and i want to place in software industry(tcs)but i dont know much about programmig languages like c how can i get a placement in software industry?

1 Answers   TCS,

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