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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/ ..

Answer / arun.giit

as all the losses is in the form of power;and in transformer
iron loss is directly propertional to voltage(V) &copper
loss is propertional to current(I).it is not depend upon
powerfactor,so it's rating is in KVA.

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/ ..

Answer / shaikh

Cu loss of transformer depends upon current I and iron loos
depends upon voltage V...So as we can say that the total
losses of the transformer depend upon VA (volt-ampere) and
independent of phase angle between V & I (i.e. pf
angle) transformer rating is in kVA & nt in KW...

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/ ..

Answer / tin`

Becuase kVA is the 'total' apparent power. The load
connected to the transformer can have different power factor
(pf) and so the kW rating will vary according; kW=kVA*pf.
The transformer rating is stated in kVA in order to show
the full capacity of the transformer and then the real
power (kW) rating can vary with power factor.

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/ ..

Answer / salim

kw=kva×pf and load on not constant.So pf is varies with load.thats why traz.rating is always in kva not in kw

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/ ..

Answer / mohan singh

Transformer ratings are in KVA because the power factor is
for the load on which transformer will operate is not known
in manufacturing and KW = V x I x Cos it is Rated in
KVA and not in KW.

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/ ..

Answer / peter

coz KW or HP makes no sense.....transformer is not a power
conerter involving mechanical energy.....i just
transfers electrical energy ....

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/ ..

Answer / bob

Because transformer is power source and active power and
reactive power drawn from it depend on load nutural.

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/ ..

Answer / suresh

Because transformer have electrical output

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