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Explain about P&ID diagram?

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Explain about P&ID diagram?..

Answer / loboreliance2003

P&ID is Process and Instrumentation Diagram. This is most
important for any process especially related to chemical,
petrochemical plants. It is also known as Piping and
Instrumentation Diagram since in this is mentioned the
various pipelines, valves, instruments location and also
electrical especially control room related.

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Explain about P&ID diagram?..

Answer / yousuf

p&id means piping and instrumentation diagram. it shows how
the instruments are interconnected in the process.

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Explain about P&ID diagram?..

Answer / ankit desai

P&ID is Piping & Instrumentation diagram. P&ID will help for better understanding of Piping & Instrument of Plant or area. It give basic idea about plant & its equipment & also give idea of Closed loop & open loop.

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