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what is the internal fuction of a ceiling fan?

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what is the internal fuction of a ceiling fan?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Ceiling fan has a single phase capacitor start and run
sqirrel cage motor.The consructoin differs from other
motors as it has the rotor (armature)outside the field
(stator),sorrounding it.The field is facing outwards.The
value of capacitor is 2-4 mic farads

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what is the internal fuction of a ceiling fan?..

Answer / ravinder sharma

ceiling fan is actually a single phase inductin motor.
there are both primary and secondary sides . there is very
small air gap between them for reducing the magnetic flux
losses. there is not enough torque generated by the single
phase .so external starting torque is given by using the
capacitor.different capacitance are used for different type
ratings of fans.

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